About S.U.P.A

In 2012, 49.0 million Americans lived in a food insecure house hold, of these 15.9 million were children. Reports and findings of the US Department of Health and US Department of Education indicate that children who suffer from a lack of food are significantly impacted in their ability to learn and achieve academically.

Six years after the onset of the financial and economic crisis, hunger and poverty remains high in the United States.  The number of Americans living in poverty has grown significantly in recent years, swelling to 43 million people in 2010 – nearly one out of every eight people in the United States. As the Nation’s families grapple with hunger and poverty, so do many Clark County, Nevada families. According to the 2010 US Census, 27% of Clark County families live below the poverty line, often struggling to provide even basic essentials such as meals, diapers, clean clothing to their families.

The number of children being raised by single parents continues to rise, and with such provides a financial burden just to make ends meet. In many cases parents cannot support their children, and these young people are placed in the foster care system. Even more alarming is the number of youth under the age of 21 who are being incarcerated due to poor decision making that often leads drugs, violence and other negative behaviors.

SUPA, Inc. was founded on the belief that change will come only if we each do are part. Dedicated to empowering young people to rise above their environmental circumstances and to reach their full potential, S.U.P.A., Inc., will provide the services that will empower not only youth, but the families who surround and support them.


The organization is led by a board of directors who volunteer their time and talents to insure the mission of  S.U.P.A. Inc is accomplished.


Patrick Clark

Patrick Clark II, is a life- long Las Vegas resident. After brief re-locations to Washington State and Florida, Patrick’s return to Las Vegas with a vision and mission to be an agent of positive change in his hometown. From an early age, Patrick has been called to empower and provide opportunities for underprivileged Americans, especially youth. Patrick Clark, II founded Supporting Underprivileged Americans, Inc. (SUPA, Inc.) to meet the needs of community members who need a hand or the encouragement, opportunities and skills necessary to be productive, purpose driven members. With a knowledge and skill set born from personal experience, Patrick is committed to empowering youth to rise above their current circumstances by providing the resources and leadership they require to do so. Patrick’s experiences as a Youth Pastor, Certified Life Coach, motivational speaker, leader of mentorship and after school programs and counselor for youth has uniquely prepared him to effectively lead SUPA, Inc.

A true believer in hard work, Patrick took on his first job at fourteen. A recipient of the millennium scholarship, Patrick graduated from high school with honors, earning a basketball scholarship to BCC in Washington State. While attending college Patrick studied Business Administration. After a college career ending injury, Patrick was forced to leave college when he lost his scholarship due to his inability to no longer play basketball. Not one to let the circumstances of his life hold him back, Patrick quickly enrolled in real estate school, where he earned his real estate license. Presently a broker-owner of a Las Vegas based-luxury real estate brokerage.

Clark believes in giving back and helping others find success that levels the playing field in communities where economic opportunity and access to technology is limited.  

In fact, the No. 1 and No. 2 most powerful countries in the world are Japan and South Korea, and both are highly advanced in area such as technology and the sciences. Somehow the great power house call the United States is lagging behind in these areas.

Indeed, Google, for example, has recently invested millions of dollars in aiding minorities in learning coding and how to build apps. Colleges and universities across the country have developed program also to assist in educating tomorrow’s trailblazers. Clark, too, sees the vision and has used his own time and money to set up year-round SUPA S.T.E.A.M (Science Tech Engineering Art Math) real-world experiences that develop the lifelong learning and people skills necessary to succeed in college and careers.

The #SUPASTEAM program is designed to attract and support kids to study the sciences, which will not only provide them an outlet away from gangs and drugs, it will also provide them with the tools to become financially strong, as high tech companies are in great demand of tomorrow’s talent.


Lynne Jasames

Lynne Jasames is a Family Services Specialist with Clark County Department of Family Services. She has been with the department since 1996. As a Family Services Special, Lynne has to take reports for allegations of abuse or neglect. Assess the needs and risk of children and families. Provide assistance to community agencies and the public.

Lynne holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She obtained a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Lynne has a certificate in Counseling from the Rape Crisis Center in Compton CA.

Lynne’s personal, professional, and educational experience, insight, and attitude towards life enable her to understand, connect, and relate to life experiences. Lynne has experienced abuse/neglect, teen parenting, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and mental abuse.

Lynne started her own company, Jasamesinc in 2005. Lynne self published a book titled It’s Okay to Cry in 2005. Lynne is currently working on a children’s book “Momma said It’s Okay to Cry” Lynne has worked in community services involving at risk youth and families since 1994. She has worked in a variety of group homes for youth, as a substitute teacher, rape crisis hotline intervention counselor, and has provided mental health services for several agencies. Lynne facilitated through Jasamesinc a 12 week Mentorship Program. Since 2002 Lynne has had the experience in providing motivational, educational, and professional speeches to a variety of audiences including: UNLV Social Work Seminar Class, KNRP Radio interview, CASA Light of Hope Ceremony, Courtney Foundation Teen Pregnancy Prevention, X-Biz.com Radio Interview, Operation Teen Pitch In Conference, Child Haven, Alpha Phi Alpha Graduate Class, City of LV Correctional Facility, Valley View Community Cares Program, Community Counseling Center, DFS-Foster Care Training Classes, KCEP 88.1 Radio Interview with County Commissioner Mr. Weekly, Socialites Inc, and the Clark County Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition.


Debra Baldwin

Debra Baldwin is a lieutenant with the City of Las Vegas Department of Detention and Enforcement.  She has been a member of the department since 1991.  Debra is also an Area Chair for the College of Criminal Justice and Security with University of Phoenix.  She has been a faculty member since 2011.

As a lieutenant, some of Debra’s responsibilities involve overseeing the Law Enforcement Support Technician unit, monitoring the inmate telephone contract, writing the departmental newsletter and working to create public safety announcements for her department.  As an Area Chair for University of Phoenix, she serves as a liaison between 8 faculty members and the Campus College Chair.

Debra holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  She obtained a Master of Public Administration Degree from University of Oklahoma.  Debra has obtained her Intermediate, Advanced, Management and Executive Certifications through the Nevada Commission of Peace Officers’ Standards and Training.  She is also a Certified Jail Manager through the American Jail Association.